What People Say

What did you like best about the training?
“It was insightful and informative. It gave me a fresh perspective about the people I work with.” – J.C. (Building Creative Teams)

“Interactive! Was relational, experiential, applicable, and learner-based. Fun! Loved it!” – A.H. (Improv for Business)

“It was amazing! The presentation was absolutely transformational and gave me a lot to think about for the future. It made me want to dig into a strategic plan! You modeled creative leadership in a fantastic way. Thank you!” A.L. (Improv-ing Creative Leadership)

What do you remember most about the training?
“Seeing a smile on every single person in that training workshop. Watching those struggling with certain concerns learning and overcoming some of their fears. It was a very amazing moment.” – K.L. (Improv for Teams)

Did you use any specific tools/lessons after the training?
“We use a ton of the smaller group games every meeting to help break the ice and get everyone’s energy up. We adapted the ‘yes and’ way of communication and try to use it everyday.” – K.L. (Improv for Teams)

How do you think other groups could benefit from a similar training?
“This not only taught our group many lessons but brought us closer. We had a great time, but also learned from you, and also from each other. This workshop breaks down barriers and helps people discover hidden strengths and work on over coming certain fears and concerns.” – K.L. (Improv for Teams)