About Us


That’s a fun question!

I have always drawn on three things: a love of humor and performing, imagination and ideas, and the desire to help others. Throughout my professional life, I’ve looked for a way to combine these passions and strengths.

In 2002, I discovered improv comedy. I wish I’d found it sooner! Since that time, I have been an improv comedy performer in Jamestown, NY, and Buffalo, NY. To me, practicing and performing improv is a powerful outlet for creative energy, collaboration, and unbridled fun and laughter.

As I developed my love and respect for the art of improvisation, I recognized the value of taking the skill set and mindset of improv off the stage and into other aspects of work and life. In response, I created Improv Connections, and here you are! I started this work by focusing on bringing improv-rooted exercises, mindsets, activities, and approaches to teams and organizations. In improv, we must co-create with our scene partners, respond in the moment, take what we are given and build something bigger, take risks and make mistakes, and face the unknown. Sounds like work and life, yes?

Soon, I added other aspects to my work: creative problem solving, creative mindsets, humor and play, appreciative inquiry, and laughter work. This expanded toolset has allowed me to work with individuals and groups to discover new things about themselves, their team, their community, and the possibilities before them.


My work focuses on the tools, principles, and practices of improvisation and creativity, allowing participants to fully experience new ways of thinking and responding. I believe that work and play are complements, not opposites. Through highly interactive exercises, participants actively experience and practice collaboration, flexibility, communication, spontaneity, collaboration, and other elements that bring the best out of people while contributing to an improvisational and creative culture.

Changing your natural way of thinking and interacting with others requires purposeful effort and practice, and a shiny new toolset! We want to give you those tools on your way to building bigger, brighter, and better.

The principles and tools within improv and creativity are the very same that are a part of healthy, positive mindsets, behaviors, and organizational cultures: We collaborate. We support each other. We practice creativity and spontaneity. We dare to fail. We listen. We accept. Learn how you and your team can do the same through engaging, enjoyable programs.

I love this work and love what it brings to individuals, teams, and organizations. Are you ready to work and play with us?



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