What It Is

Applied Improvisation (or Applied Improv) is the practice of using the same activities and exercises that improvisers (including improv comedy folk) use when they rehearse. Yes – you read that right – improvisers rehearse! During shows, the scene content changes, but the players need to know how to best harness the power of improvising.


Creativity is often associated with art or music, and it’s true that these are wonderful creative products and processes. But “creativity” is really about creating something novel and useful. It’s about thinking differently, asking new questions, reframing challenges, generating ideas, developing new solutions. We believe that everyone IS creative, and that everyone can deepen their creativity to help their life, business, relationships, community, etc.

With that said…

Changing your natural way of thinking and interacting with others requires purposeful effort and practice. We use the fundamentals of improv and the tools of creativity to reinterpret and adopt new behaviors and mindsets to support YOUR goals….personal, professional, or organizational.

The key principles of improvisation are the very same that are a part of healthy, positive mindsets, behaviors, and organizational cultures: We collaborate. We support each other. We practice creativity and spontaneity. We dare to fail. We listen. We accept. Learn how you and your team can do the same through engaging, enjoyable programs.